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We were approached by My Face My Smile’s interior decorator to create a large sign that would be visible from both ends of their new office, as well as pedestrians outside.  After going through various materials such as SEG Graphics, and Photo Cotton, we determined with the client that Canvas would be the best material for their need.

The client wanted the look and feel of a painting and the canvas material was able to provide that look the best as it’s textured and colors maintain their vibrancy similar to a traditional painting.  The other unique part to solve on this project was the fact that the client wanted it to be 72”x72” which is obviously a large size.  We were able to accomodate them quite easily by mounting it to 1/4” acrylic.  This was the best choice because acrylic will not warp or shrink with the humidity that is in Washington DC.  Following this application we cleat mounted it to the wall in case they ever wanted to switch out the painting or move it to another position within the office.  This also allowed the print to be produced at the larger size, without being too heavy to display on the wall.


Client: My Face My Smile

Proportions: 72″ x 72″

Media: Canvas wrapped around acrylic

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