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James Reid, like most people in Washington, DC, came in as a transplant. Raised in a military family, James was able to travel a great deal growing up, moving more than 20 times before he was 18 years old. James studied Physiology and Neurobiology at the University of Maryland, College Park. When it came to decide whether or not to pursue medical school, he decided that his passion was in business, specifically entrepreneurship.

James has worked as the Director of Sales & Marketing for various organizations, often more than doubling company revenue in his first two years. These unique experiences lead to his founding of several successful enterprises.

James’ portfolio of experience includes a vast array of clients. He’s done work with over 40 charter school districts in one of the nation’s largest public charter school systems, urban development (City Year), international community development (Tostan), and he has personally advised the Coca-Cola Company on marketing strategy for both the Democratic and Republican Conventions in 2012.

Drawing on years of experience and applying best practices in design, branding, strategic leadership and product development to conferences, events and campaigns, James helps deliver work that provides breakthrough results and new levels of performance for clients.

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