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WANN Summit Print Signage
WANN Summit Print Signage
Wan Summit Saddle-Stitched Booklet
WANN Summit Saddle-Stitched Booklet
WANN Summit Custom Name Tag Printing

Telegeography – is a telecommunications market research and consulting firm.

They held their WAN New York 2014 Conference after the success of their London 2013 Conference.

LAN and WAN are widely used. LAN stands for “local area network” and it connects computers in a limited area like a school or house. WAN stands for “wide area network” and it links across metropolitan or national boundaries.

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How did they find us? – A Google search for booklet and sign printers with design capabilities. Fortunately we’re within 2 blocks of their DC office so we could easily meet and show samples. For other clients not as close we would either send samples, Skype, or coordinate to meet at their office.

Immediate Need: Conference Booklets & Collateral
Additional Needs: Conference Signs, Design & Installation Consultation

We met with Telegeography about a month before their event as they were in need of a partner for producing booklets, collateral, and conference signs for their WAN 2014 Conference. We went through at least five different stock options and scenarios that the client could use based on the site specifications and the look and feel they wanted to have. The client ended up going with a matte paper stock to reduce possible glare behind windows for the signs. For the booklets we were able to produce them with 100# matte cover and text for their A4 size saddle-stitch booklet.

One of the unique challenges to this conference versus others was due to transportation. Some of the materials the client needed to take on the train to New York, instead of shipping in advance. Those we had to design and pack everything to be lightweight so that they could easily be carried instead of shipped.

One of the solutions we came up with was the porthole signage. They had to be perfect circles with only a 1/8″ margin of error on total size. They turned out quite well, fitting in with the rest of the additional building signage that stopped traffic.

We look forward to working with Telegeography on their upcoming events.


Client: Teleography

Proportions: Various sizes

Media: Various media

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