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What Type of Banner or Sign is Right for my Next Event?

When planning a special event, whether it be professional or personal, how you advertise the event and get exposure the day of is contingent on how great your signage is; as a result, choosing the best possible signage for the event is crucial to the event’s success. What type of banner or sign will work best for what you’re trying to present?

The next time you need to order signs consider these quick suggestions when choosing signs for your next event and step out in style, knowing you made the most knowledgeable choice.

Vinyl Banners:

Vinyl banners are a good option for many different types of events both indoor and outdoor.

However, due to their durability, vinyl banners are ideal for outdoor events like business expos, outdoor ceremonies, conferences and trade shows. They are also a good choice for permanent or semi-permanent display in a store front or outside of a school.

Vinyl banners are versatile as well as durable. It is easy to customize the size and the images used making a vinyl banner a good choice for just about any venue.

Signs- Fome-Cor to  PVC:


Signs posted on Fome-Cor or PVC are a good choice for smaller display areas and work best indoors; however, if the weather is nice these signs can also be used outdoors.

For your event, these smaller signs would be good for site maps of the venue, directional signs, maps or directories, room signs and presentation displays for conferences.

Pop-up Banners:

Pop-up Banners are an excellent and versatile choice for both outdoor and indoor venues.

However, where pop-up banners really stand out is their easy storability and the ability to trade out the signage while still using the pop-up stand.

These are best for trade shows, expos and craft shows; essentially, any retailer or business that travels a great deal could benefit from having a pop-up banner with interchangeable signs.

Step and Repeat Backdrops:

Step and Repeat Backdrops are a great investment for any venue where small or large groups of people will be posing for pictures or in any case where the event would require a ‘red-carpet’ type entrance.

When choosing the size of your backdrop, you should consider the maximum number of people you anticipate taking a picture together so as to get the best possible size for photo ops.Some good examples of events that need backdrops are school sporting events and dances, reward shows and press releases.

No matter what type of event you are planning, remember the following:


Size matters…when you are choosing a vinyl sign. Many choose a sign that is way too small for their display space. If you have a twenty foot wall to cover, order a twenty foot sign. The whole point behind buying a sign is to get exposure and have people see it. If it is too small, it does not serve its purpose.


Be sure to place the sign in a viewable area; like the size, where you put the sign matters and so you should put it in a visible area with a lot of foot traffic to maximize the number of people who see it.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor-

At the end of the day, what you really have with signage is what you plan to put inside and what you plan to put outside. Be strategic about what you choose to put where and know that outdoor signs just don’t last as long as indoor signs due to the elements.

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