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Digital vs Offset Printing Illustration

The Cost of Offset Printing vs. Digital Printing

It can be difficult when tackling a large printing project to determine if offset printing or digital printing is more cost effective. Here is a brief explanation of the two and their respective cost formulas to help you determine which is best for your printing needs the next time you head out to the print shop. First, we need to consider how both are priced and then we can compare the two. We’ll start with digital since it is easier to explain: Our Konica Minolta color printer in the office! Our digital presses are not unlike what you have at home with the exception of their sophistication and capabilities. Both home printers and professional digital printers print directly from the file, and when the print comes out, it’s ready to go into bindery. The cost formula for digital pricing: Setup + Clicks (Print Cost) + Paper Cost + Bindery…

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