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4 Differences Between Print and Web Design

Well-rounded marketing campaigns should be diverse, and would benefit from using a variety of different tools. Printed collateral such as mailers, brochures and signs can work in tandem with online strategies such as email campaigns, social media posts, and user friendly websites. Having elements of print, and web marketing can be beneficial (link to 5 reasons print is still necessary blog), but it can be challenging finding a designer that understands the elements of both. Many freelancers and design firms either specialize in print, or in online pieces, and sometimes the results don’t translate between the different media. This can make it difficult to seamlessly move concepts and branding between the two worlds. Using a printer with an in-house designer will help you make the most of your marketing campaign, and here are four reasons why. 1. The Space for Design Varies. In print, your design is naturally limited by…

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What Type of Banner or Sign is Right for my Next Event?

When planning a special event, whether it be professional or personal, how you advertise the event and get exposure the day of is contingent on how great your signage is; as a result, choosing the best possible signage for the event is crucial to the event’s success. What type of banner or sign will work best for what you’re trying to present? The next time you need to order signs consider these quick suggestions when choosing signs for your next event and step out in style, knowing you made the most knowledgeable choice. Vinyl Banners: Vinyl banners are a good option for many different types of events both indoor and outdoor. However, due to their durability, vinyl banners are ideal for outdoor events like business expos, outdoor ceremonies, conferences and trade shows. They are also a good choice for permanent or semi-permanent display in a store front or outside of…

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6 Tips to Compose a Better Print Design Illustration

6 Tips to Compose a Better Print Design

Creatives are gaining traction in the professional world with the continued emphasis on the web and graphic design. As a result, competition is steep when trying to compose the most effective, fresh, and creative designs. No matter if you are a career professional composing your own designs, a business novice or a designer just starting out, following these six quick tips will enable you to create the best possible print designs. 1.       Branding – It all starts here Because your brand is essentially how consumers view your product and service, it goes way beyond the company logo and customized letterhead. When designing your brand, remember that it is the overall look of the company, and it should be recognizable in many forms. For branding in your print design, try to be memorable but also simple, making the company visually recognizable. For example, “When a brand identity really works, you…

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