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Business Cards

Can I just order 100 Business Cards?

Sure you can, why not?  Our pricing is structured to reflect the costs that are involved with producing your project.  So when we quote a client for 100 business cards, the pricing is quite close to that of 250 business cards.  Well why is that you ask?  You would think that 250 cards is 2.5x the order of 100 cards, so the pricing shouldn’t be that close, right? Well let’s take a little higher view of what’s going on here. Like most manufactured items, you try to produce them as efficiently as possible.  For our production process that means on the average we’re printing 25 final cards on 1 press sheet.  So 1 sheet = 25 cards, or 4 sheets = 100, and 10 sheets = 250 cards. This same logic applies to postcards, brochures, booklets etc.  It applies to everything we do. Now let’s keep in mind that this…

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