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Print Design and Profit

4 Reasons Why Print Pieces are a Good Investment

Money needed to create revenue can be hard to come by, and as the internet turns 25, the value of printed materials isn’t always obvious. Current marketing trends are moving toward online and cross-media marketing, it is easier to see that a well-thought-out printed campaign could help increase profit in the coming year. Here are 4 reasons why investing in print can be a moneymaker for your organization.   1. Printed Pieces Have a Higher Perceived Value. With Newsweek becoming an exclusively online media outlet, and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos purchasing The Washington Post, it can be difficult to see where the value in printed materials. However, according to Nigel Boterwill, founder of Entrepreneur Circle, printed newsletters are “the single most effective tool to making relationships with customers” (“Why Printed Newsletters May be Your Most Effective Marketing Tool”). Boterwill says that printed materials, newsletters specifically, have a “higher perceived value, a…

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